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    WIndows CE6 and font styles

    Mattia Durli

      We have an application (developed with VS2008 and CF3.5) that works fine on many windows CE5 and WM6.5.3 devices.

      We are trying to port it to MC2100 CE6.0, and after a while the app loses all the font styles: everything is reverted to 9pt Arial.

      We built a sample app with just a label and a textbox, styles on Courier New 14pt, it starts fine with the correct fonts, but then if we minimize and restore it, font styles are gone.

      Same happens if we put the label over a panel and we hide/view the panel a few times.


      It seems that we're not the only ones with this problem, regarding the fonts:

      Where to start! Zebra MC2180 Development


      Here's a sample that reproduces the problem.

      Dropbox - TestZebra.zip_


      Any suggestion?