I2of5 BC not decoded in Enterprise Browser on WT6000


we have an issue that RS4000 scanner connected to WT6000 would not decode an I2of5 barcode in Enterprise Browser.


We have the folowing devices:



SW-ENTBRV1-PD - version 1.6


We have these SW versions:

OS: Android 5.1.1, Security Patch level 2017-02-01,  Kernel ver. 3.14.52, patch WT6K0L300PUWW30704.zip

DW: 6.2.23

EHS: 2.5.1


We're using DW scanning in EB - we've correctly configured the Profile0 wich is used for Enterprise Browser.


We think that this issue is isolated to the EB on WT6000 because of the following conditions:

- the same I2of5 BC is decoded well on the same device while in DWdemo (DW profile for DWDemo is configured in the same way as Profile0 (Default) which is used for EB scanning)

- the same I2of5 is decoded well in Enteprise Browser on different devices - we've tested and verified MC32N0-SL3SAHEIA and MC92N0-GJ0SYFAA6WR


I am attaching DW config we're using


Probably EB is not using the correct DW setting on WT6000