Printing SVG to Zebra Printer [Java][Link-OS SDK]

So this is a bit more of an open ended question,  but I have a java interface I've written that generates vector images (which are how I render labels so as to avoid text blurring), in a .svg format. I was wondering about the SDK's options for handling this - the consultants from my local distributor are yet to get here, so I wanted to format my code as best I can beforehand. Are the ZebraImageI/ZebraImageFactory/ZebraPrinter constructs capable of handling this image type or is there an external library I must use to handle this printing? I'm attaching the example of the code I have.

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Hi Daniel, Sorry it's been so

Hi Daniel,

Sorry it's been so long and I hope you were able to figure this out. 

For those who may want to know the same, the SDK does not support SVG images.  They are not natively supported by Java, so if a developer wanted to support them, you would need to find an SVG library, and render the graphic to a Java BufferedImage at the desired size.  From there, the SDK should be able to handle downloading/printing the image.

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