Auto-importing DataWedge profile (TC56)

I need to auto-import DataWedge profile on application install.  I successfully did that on TC55 long time ago using approach described here:


On TC56 though I faced some strange behaviour.  I created profile on same TC56 and exported it.  When importing using the above mentioned method I see the following symptoms:

1. Scanner is not activated on scanner button press (as profile instructs).

2. Opening DataWedge shows only my profile; all standard profiles are gone.

3. Upon exiting DataWedge system popup appears telling that DataWedge crashed.  I assume DataWedge auto-restarts as this popup is persistent and renders handheld unusable.

4. Restarting handheld does not recover from the above state.

5. /enterprise/device/settings/datawedge/autoimport/ directory does not contain my profile, but it contains three other profiles which look like three standard profiles which are missing.  Deleting these files does not recover from the above state.

6. The only way to restore handheld to functioning state is factory reset.


The OS version is 16.06.02 GMS

DataWedge version is 6.2.23


Is there any special workaround or other procedure for auto-importing?