i am trying erase the content (memorybank user, memorybank epc) of a tag with SDK Zebra and reader FX8500, but i can not, because always i receive this exception: RFID_ACCESS_TAG_BLOCK_ERASE_FAILED



I am following the steps indicates in: https://www.zebra.com/content/dam/zebra_new_ia/en-us/manuals/rfid/rfd8500-dg-en.pdf   (page 89):




The application can call RFID_BlockErase to erase the contents of a tag.


// Block Erase


String tagId = "1234ABCD00000000000025B1";


TagAccess tagAccess = new TagAccess();


TagAccess.BlockEraseAccessParams blockEraseAccessParams = tagAccess.new






blockEraseAccessParams.setMemoryBank(MEMORY_BANK.MEMORY_BANK_USER); // user memory bank


blockEraseAccessParams.setByteOffset(0); // start erasing from offset 0


blockEraseAccessParams.setByteCount(16); // number of bytes to erase


reader.Actions.TagAccess.blockEraseWait(tagId, blockEraseAccessParams, null);


First i'm trying delete the user memory without success.

In line: blockEraseAccessParams.setAccessPassword(0);

what password I must indicate? the actual password or directly "0" like the example?


Someone have this function implemented and working?


Can someone help me? What am I doing bad? or What is the problem?



Thanks in advance