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    Link-OS Multiplatform SDK Windows Java

    Leandro Perez Guatibonza



      My name is Leandro Perez. I'm Hardware Development Leader in APES. I am developing a software in Java language that print RFID tags in the Zebra ZD500R Printer through USB interface. I use the Link-OS Multiplatform SDK for PC (Windows 7 64-bit), using the ZSDK_API.jar. I have explored the Java API and all examples to interact with the printer. I'm having good results in the print, but I have some troubles in the connection with the printer and the time of the some processes:

      1. I use the USB connection. In the moment of search and create the Zebra Printer Link OS connection, this process takes about 20 seconds!!!


      // Detect USB Printers
      usbPrinters = UsbDiscoverer.getZebraDriverPrinters();

      // Check Only One Printer
      if(usbPrinters.length == 1) {


         // Obtain Discovered Printer Driver
         discoveredPrinterDriver = usbPrinters[0];

         // Obtain Connection with Printer
         connection = new DriverPrinterConnection(discoveredPrinterDriver.printerName);
         // Check if Connection is Active
         if(!connection.isConnected()) {


         // Open Connection with Printer

         // Obtain Zebra Printer Link OS Instance
         zebraPrinterLinkOs = ZebraPrinterFactory.getLinkOsPrinter(connection);



      2. My program send many parameters to printer, the process take 8 seconds by each one!!! I send 13 parameters to the printer, then the configuration process takes about 2 minutes!!!


      zebraPrinterLinkOs.setSetting("rfid.reader_1.power.read", "30");


      3. Before that send the data printer, I check the current status of the printer. It takes about 35 seconds to obtain the status!!!


      // Obtain Printer Status
      printerStatus = zebraPrinterLinkOs.getCurrentStatus();


      4. The most important problem is the fail in the printer connection. In the moment to obtain the Zebra Printer Link OS Instance, sometimes it generates the "Error Writing to connection". The only way to that this error disappered is restart Windows


      31/07/2017 09:28:10.556 - [SEVERE] Error Connect to Printer. Error writing to connection: ZDesigner ZD500R-203dpi ZPL (Copiar 1)


      // Obtain Zebra Printer Link OS Instance
      zebraPrinterLinkOs = ZebraPrinterFactory.getLinkOsPrinter(connection)


      I need find a solution for these problems, the times of interact with the printer are very bigger!! and the problem with the connection is the most important because the client don't must restart Windows.


      I hope find alternatives to these situations.


      Thanks you.