SB1 - Remote apps.json file

Hi all,

in the Programmer's Guide on chapter 2 I read:

The apps.js file can be located at a remote location. For example: config.apps.src = ‘’;

Once a remote location is set for this file, the system downloads it to a device location, configured in config.apps.file and then fetches the installed applications from this file.
See Chapter 4, Configuration for more information.


I'm trying to achieve something similar BUT the default configuration for the SB1 is loaded (the one with the demo).

I can't find related info in Chapter 4 about the download location.

Any suggestions?


1) the apps.json file is triple checked and correct (really simple with 2 apps, placed in the config folder it works)

2) the remote location is available and the remote file is served by the web server.


Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Andrea Persico