Bluetooth is not working in 4 Zebra QLn320

I have a bunch of Zebra Qln320 printers, but 4 of this have problem with bluetooth, can not see the printer in iOS,Android or windows devices, I have more printers that work well so the normal bluetooth configuration should be right, maybe is a hardware error, but I'm not sure because 4 printers show the same error, what can I do to diagnostic that error, Zebra Setup Utilities has any functionality to check it?





Samantha Corn
Hi Ricardo,You're right, your

Hi Ricardo,

You're right, your Bluetooth settings look fine. You said that the printers show the same error. What is the error message?

Also, just to cover all the possibilities, are you sure these printers aren't already paired to a device?

Lastly, you could try double checking a Bluetooth radio is installed on the printer by sending this command through Zebra Setup Utilities:

! U1 getvar "device.bluetooth_installed"

It should return yes if the connected printer has a Bluetooth radio installed.

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