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    Mirror-ed files unusable

    aadf afsdff



      I got the mirror function to work on ZT410 - files from FTP are transferred to drive E.


      I have a truetype font file in Z64 encoding (data starts like this ":Z64:eJzs".... )  from where I removed the download header as written in documentation.

      There are no characters present that must be substituted with their hex equivalent, so this is not done.


      Whenever I try to use the font like this ( using the script editor in zebra web server), nothing prints with that font:




      ^FO20,20^FD This line gets printed (this font is from Mirror-Example)^FS


      ^FO20,80^FD This line is NOT printed (my own font ) ^FS



      If I copy my font to printer from console (copy ARIALNAR.TTF \\computername\printername ) then it works also.

      It only doesn't work with mirrored files (also tried with .GRF file).


      What am I missing?

      Am I doing the formatting wrong?


      The original font file looks like this:







      After processing (removing ^XA..^XZ and download headers), I have it like this:





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          Robin West


          Please make sure you are putting the font into the CMD directory with the FULL ZPL header.  One other issue is the ZPL command you are using to download.  We essentially are deprecating the ~DU command.  We more recommend using the !CASDF command to download TTF fonts. 

          There are a few methods to handle this, but the easiest method is using the Printer Setup Utilities | Zebra with the original TTF file to get a fully formatted !CASDF output.

          1. Download and install Setup Utilities
          2. Modify your print driver to have it print to file (ports)
          3. Open Setup Utilities
          4. Click the printer
          5. Click 'Open Printer Tools'
          6. Click 'Action' -> 'Send File'
          7. Browse to and select the TTF font and click 'Send'
          8. The file created by the driver can then be placed directly into the mirror CMD folder.
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              aadf afsdff



              Thanks for the response!


              I have followed the eight steps but the file "created" is exactly the same

              as the TTF font. They are binary equal, so there is no processing done to it for some reason

              and trying to use it fails.


              What I did instead was the following

              1. Download and install ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise

              2. Open it and select 'Tools' -> 'Font Wizard'

              3. Browse to the TTF source font.

              4. Click 'Generate ZPL and send to selected printer(s)'


              This last step generates a ZPL file which starts like this:

              Placing this file into FTP's 'commands' (not 'CMD') folder copies the file into printer and I can use it.

              Removing the highlighted part from the file and placing it into FTP's 'files' folder works as well.


              Now that the fonts issue is solved, I am still unable to get graphics files (.grf files) working.

              The files get copied to printer but when using them they either display nothing or leave the Data LED blinking.


              The method I used to create graphics files was:

              Use 'Graphics Conversion Wizard' in ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise which allows to produce two

              kinds of files;

              • .GRF (Uncomporessed)
              • .PNG (Comporessed)


              Here's the start of generated grf file:

              I tried to use it the same way as the font files by placing it to 'commands' folder with the full header

              and also to 'files' folder without the download header but neither is working. The PNG version is also

              not working.


              Can you give some suggestions how to get the graphics files working?

              Also, I can't find any documentation for !CASDF command. Can you refer to some?


              Best Regards