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    EB license file on Android - LF EOL

    Petr Stejskal



      for those of you who are struggling to license EB on an Android device using the "file" option (Option 1 as described here Enterprise Browser Licensing - Zebra Technologies TechDocs )

      I found the small "glitch" that might help.


      The documentation states - insert company name on the first line and license key on the second line.

      But it's missing one key point - EOL has to be "LF" only.

      This one (created in standard Notepad) does not work (obviously the license HEX key is random, not a valid one :-)

      This one does  work - I have used Notepad++ to create this one


      Hope that helps...


      Also it might be usefull to include it in the standard documentation.



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          Joydeep Chakraborty

          Thanks for pointing out.

          We will validate and do necessary doc update.




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              Petr Stejskal


              could you please also validate the behaviour with the /enterprise/device/enterprisebrowser directory?

              Because sometimes we have troubles applying the license ...and I think that it is connected with the way how the device/enterprisebrowser directory is created,

              For example if you create device/enterprisebrowser directory manually, and then try to license EB with the standard Wizard, it would fail.

              There are some other screnarios that might fail aswell (like creating the dir manually and then copying the License file not using ADB, but simply File browser on the device...).

              So I think that it is necessary to clarify more in detail how the licensing using the "license" file should be done - if the device/enterprisebrowser has to be created by ADB, or if it can be created manually, etc...