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    ZXP Series 7 Card Compressed Horizontally

    Joseph Power

      I have a program that is working correctly printing a card on one printer, but on a second printer, the image is scaled horizontally (landscape) so that it only takes up about 80% of the card. Does anyone know why this could happen? Is there a card size setting on the printer?

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          Stephen Troup

          I've seen something similar myself, that was related to the firmware in the printer and the printer being turned off while clearing a jam. The printer changes the card handling speed at certain points and if this isn't reset to normal it will not go back to the correct speed resulting in the issue you're seeing..


          This was in the older firmware and I had to get a special version from support to clear the problem to get back the normal print speed. I was told at the time the fix would hopefully be added to the next release.

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              Joseph Power

              Thank you very much for the response, this has been a very frustrating problem. When I contacted support, they said to try updating the firmware (already did), but they could not say if the fix was part of the latest firmware. They asked for your case number to lookup the exact fix, can you provide it please? When I look through the release notes for the firmware I do not see any mention of a problem like you described.

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                  Stephen Troup

                  Customer Reference Number: 1038168



                  Hello Stephen



                  Thank you for your Technical Support request regarding an image size issue.


                  The above reported issue can be resolved by downloading test FW version 2.12.01, which forces the higher speed bit to be set to 1.

                  After test FW 2.12.01 download is completed, a card must be printed from the driver. Then, FW can be downgraded back to version 2.04.00. Instructions on how to download a FW file into the printer can be found in the printer user’s manual.

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                Alfred Teixeira

                Hello Joseph,


                With respect to your printing, are you using the SDK to print directly to the printer or are you using the printer driver and your own application or possibly a 3rd party application?


                If you are using the printer driver, for the printer that is printing in landscape instead of portrait, please check the printer driver settings and confirm the settings are set for portrait and not landscape. Also, confirm the application you are using is also using driver settings for portrait instead of landscape if you are using a 3rd party application for printing.


                Best regards,


                Al Teixeira

                Zebra Global Services and Support