Enterprise Browser & EHS android restart


  OS => Android

  Device => MC92N0

  MDM => Soti mobicontrol


   I'm trying to run a locked down Enterprise Browser with default home page.

The issue I'm having is, when I restart the device, the EB does not come up.

These are my steps:


   The packages that will be installed on the device when enrolled via MDM are:

        1. Enterprise Browser APK

        2. Enterprise Home Screen APK.

   Then the MDM will copy the respective modified XML files to the device.

        1. enterprisehomescreen.xml to the \enterprise\usr directory

        2. config.xml to the /internal/Android/data/com.symbol.enterprisebrowser directory.




        <application label="EnterpriseBrowser" package="com.symbol.enterprisebrowser" activity=""/>




    <application label="EnterpriseBrowser" package="com.symbol.enterprisebrowser" activity="com.rhomobile.rhodes.RhodesActivity"/>



        <admin attempts="1"/>



        <title>Enterprise Home Screen</title>


























        <Name value="Menu"/>

        <StartPage value="http://BLAHBLAHBLAH.com" name="Menu"/>




When the device enrolls, the EnterpriseBrowser will eventually run with the correct default page.

If I restart the device, Select the EnterpriseHomeScreen option to "ALWAYS",

EnterpriseBrowser does not run. I only get the Enterprise Home Screen with no application starting up


If I look at the xml files on the device, they are correct.

Keep in mind, I only have a DEMO version of EnterpriseBrowser. It is not registered yet. Could this be the issue or some glaring omission on my part.