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    Which language should I use?

    Corey Lapka

      Over the past few years I have used EPL and ZPL.

      I am in the process of refactoring these projects and would like to know which one should be used going forward.

      Researching this I also came across CPCL.


      So, which language should I use?


      Thank you

      Corey Lapka

        • Re: Which language should I use?
          Robin West

          Hi Corey,

          Definitely we recommend ZPL for several reasons.  One is it is the language Zebra is committed to continuously improving.  The other languages are only supported for bug fixing.  Two, it is the language with the best font and localization capabilities so if your business takes your apps to other countries, the printer is right there with you.  Three, it is the one language that is shipped in nearly every Zebra printer so you can shift from one to another without changing your app.

          CPCL is easier to program for mobile receipt printing, but that is the only real benefit to it.  EPL is seen primarily as a niche product with a limited number of customers.

          Hope this helps,