DS8178 bluetooth - ADF-rules "lost" after re-pairing with target device

Good morning,


first of all, this is my first Bluetooth-Scanner from Zebra, so maybe I'm just not used to standard procedures.


I connected the Scanner via the Presentation Cradle to my PC, startet 123scan², and changed some settings including Beep Volume and inserted an easy ADF rule (Aztec Code => 1. Send all that Remains, 2. Send ENTER). I load it to "all scanners", since I find to devices (probably one is the crade, one is the scanner).


When testing in the "Data View" tab, everything works fine.


After Disconnecting from my PC and pairing the DS8178 to a Android Device with the ScanToConnect-App, I have a perfect connection, but no ADF-rule working.

I'm also pretty sure the beep volume is high again.


Therefore my question:

Maybe I'm just not used to Bluetooth devices, but it seems the settings from 123scan² are stored to the cradle, and not to the scanner.

Is that right?


If so, is it possible to store the rules to the scanner? Or is there any other possibility?


Thanks a lot for any hints.

Best regards,