How do I turn off the scanner beeper on a DS457

I'm developing a Hands Free - Progress Scanner (bar code scanner always on) application (DS457) that reads a bar code off a label that contains three different bar codes.


I can tell the difference between the three (3) bar codes.   When I receive the correct bar code, I have the scanner beep 5 times to acknowledge the correct bar code has been read.


But, the scanner always initially beeps once when it reads a bar code, before the bar code is passed to my code.


I want to turn this beep off. 


I only want the bar code to beep when I have read the bar code I am looking for.



Tharindu Sanjee...
Hello Paul,You can disable

Hello Paul,

You can disable Good Decode beep using 123Scan2. Below image shows the location where the setting resides.

from the same utility you can configure an ADF rule to match your barcode criteria and choose the action as beep. Unfortunately this only has 3 beeps.

If you are using a remote management enabled communication protocol (lke SNAPI, IBM Handheld, SSI) you should be able to use Scanner SDK to send a beep you want upon receiving the right barcode event.

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