zebra discussion

Hello Robin;

Never to late to learn new things!

We did not engage in the project because the customer was indecisive and we

did no push because we felt unprepared, lacking the testing means.

I put some code together but our huge problem was not having a printer to


Are you(the company) making a virtual printer to test any soon?

I also practiced with a Dymo label printer I have here. Dymo provides

specific methods and classes to talk directly to the printer . You tell

them what label to print(the full path) , the data to be included(this

depends on the label you select) and how many copies do you want.Even the

tray if it has more than one, all this in few lines of code and without

zpl, In a very simple way. Why is it that I could not find these functions

for Zebra?

Is it coming any time soon? I am sure you have some dlls for mobile

devices(Link os i think is the name), but I could not find anything like

that in pc.

Third and last question. This code presented for sending raw data through

an ip connection, how would it need to be changed if the printer was local?

I seriously need a virtual printer so I can make tests.I am here, the

customer in another continent and both are new to Zebra.