Migrating from RW to ZQ printers: Problems with CPCL

Hi there,


one of our software products is making use of a serial BT connection to print receipts on Zebra printers. The software runs fine with RW420 and also works great most of the time when switching to a ZQ device like ZQ510 or ZQ520.

From time to time the ZQ printers repeat parts of the receipt printed without any error message/ exception or whatever. The printout just shows parts of the receipt twice i.e. address information. Everything else is properly printed. If the user does a reprint then there is no more error visible. This never happened with RW devices but only with ZQ series - latest firmware installed.


Has somebody experienced the same problem with ZQ-series? Zebra supports asked us to activate printer dump but the problem arises very seldom only.


Our application is written in C++ and communicates with the printers via CPCL commands.


Kind regards,

Jens Hauser