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    QLN320 connecting to Cold Fusion app in the cloud

    David Fisher

      I just purchased a QLN320 and am trying to configure it to print labels from a Cold Fusion application in the cloud. I'm not sure the easiest way to do this. One thought I had was to have Cold Fusion send an email and have the QLN320 download the email and print it that way, but in my tests I haven't been able to get it to work. Are there any good diagnostics to see why this isn't working? Am I way off base in using this approach? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. -Dave

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          Robin West

          Hi David, We're not very familiar with Cold Fusion, but If I'm understanding correctly it's a client side scripting language similar to Javascript.  Also, by itself I don't think the QLn can download an email directly.  It doesn't have an email server, just the ability to send in very specific circumstances.

          Based on that, I have two things to look into.  Does Cold Fusion allow you to open a straight TCP socket?  That's probably the easiest method.  It would only work though if the printers are on the same notwork as your ColdFusion app or have a port open.  The other option I'm thinking might work is the Browser Print SDK | Link-OS | Zebra  tool or something similar.  It is a client side app that takes Javascript based calls to handle communication to the printer.

          There are other options but these are the ones I think might be easiest to implement. Zebra Web Printing Solutions 

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              David Fisher

              Cold Fusion is a web application, similar to PHP, Python, Ruby, etc. I was thinking it would be easy to have Cold Fusion send an email to and email server and then have the QLn log into the POP3 email server and check for emails to download. I can't get this to work. I put a dummy email in the inbox that should print a tag when downloaded. I'm not sure I have the QLn set up with the right configuration to log into the email and download it (not sure about SSL authentication, ports, etc.). I was wondering if there was a way to debug what is going on when the printer tries to go out and log into the email server.


              I will look into connecting using a TCP socket, but not sure how to do that when the printer is on the office network and the Cold Fusion server is in the cloud.