Trigger sounds on a RS6000 which is connected to a MC40



We have a ringscanner RS6000 connected to a MC40 (Symbol/Android). The browser is the Enterprise Browser 1.7 so we should be able to trigger some sound/vibrations on the ringscanner (with using the API's). We can play sounds on the MC40 however we cannot on the RS6000. The code which gives me the connected ringscanners returns null even if the scanner is working properly together with the Enterprise Browser.


The enumerate part doesn't work / returns null....


var rnArray = EB.Remotenotification.enumerate();

var m_rnobject = rnArray[0];


if (m_rnobject && m_rnobject.isConnected())


     // the beeps



There is one more thing. We have also installed DataWedge to get the ringscanner activated in the Enterprise Browser.


Can anyone point me in the right direction how to get this work?