Bar Code Reading Stops

Device Used MC3100

OS Windows CE 6.0

EMDK 2.6


I am developing an application for reading a 1D barcode.


I am facing 2 issues.


1. The application was developed using the VB.Net sample for reading the Bar Code from EMDK 2.6.

When the application is run the bar code is read successfully once. No further reads are possible.

Pressing the trigger activates the laser but no barcode is read.

Restarting the application does not help. A Warm Boot will allow the bar code to be read once more!

This peculiar behaviour occurs with my application as well as the sample application from the EMDK.


Could it be that subsequent reads are controlled by Data Wedge?

I could not see Data Wedge installed on the device.


2. The data is to be saved into SQL Server 2008 R2 Express.

I copied and ran the sql.wce5.armv4i.CAB on the device.

The SQL connectivity was successfully established.


However after a Warm Boot the CAB needs to be reinstalled.

How can I make it permanent.


My application was run by copying it to the device.

I have not run a Setup and installed it.


Help appreciated.