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    Android ZPL viewer

    Mallesswara Gutti



      I have a requirement to display the preview by using ZPL commands on our Android app. Please let me know if you have any such APIs.



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          Dino Gregorich

          I do not know of any on-device ZPL rendering engines.  But here are a couple ideas:


          Most of our network enabled printers have a built-in viewer, including mobile printers.  But in order to use it, you need a TCPIP connection to the Zebra printer to access the ZPL rendering page.  But it will render 100% of the ZPL it can support.  To play with it, access the printer via its IP address + "/index.html",(http://111.222.333.444/index.html), select 'directory listing', then click 'create new script', then click 'edit' and you will get an ZPL input box, paste your valid ZPL code then click 'preview label'.


          I have found an online viewer that does something similar, but it is third party, not Zebra owned, so use at your own risk: http://labelary.com/viewer.html , if your Android app has access to the web, you could push your ZPL to the page some how.  And it seems to handle about 90% of ZPL code.


          Good luck!