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    Is there any documentation for the Zebra api v2.12 for the Java SDK?

    Diego Meretta

      Greetings. I'm trying to develop an aplication based in Java for printing and encoding magnetic cards from a Zebra ZXP Series 3 printer. I've downloaded the Zebra Java SDK with the Zebra api ver 2.11 from your website, but, because I was having trouble with connecting the printer to my computer with my aplication, I've contacted via e-mail to the Zebra card SDK support and they delivered me a new version of the sdk. But they didn't give me any documentation of the new api. I've consulting this page Link-OS SDK - Zebra Technologies Techdocs but in the 2.12 version there are new classes that don't have any documentation in said page. I will apriciatte any information that you can give me.