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    .NET MC92NO Application Errors

    Dean Carl



      I have recently taken on maintenance of a .NET application that gets deployed to various MC9200 and MC92NOs with very little documentation.


      The application is developed in Visual Studio 2008 and deployed with a Target Device of Windows Mobile 6 Professional Device.


      The application has deployed perfectly fine previously, however when trying to deploy to a new fresh batch of MC92NOs, an error is returned: "OpenNETCF.Windows.Forms.Versions=2.3.12004.1, Culture=neutral,PublicKeyToken=.....", or one of its dependencies, was not found."


      We have previously been able to deploy and run the application on other MC92NO units. Is this most likely a mismatch of .NET Frameworks of similar on the newest batch of devices, and how might I begin finding/comparing the installed Frameworks and Components?


      Thank you for any assistance you may provide.

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          Daniel Silva

          To check the version of Compact Framework,  you can run the cgacutil app in \windows.  You will need to go into view/options in the file browser and uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" so you can see that in the file browser.  I am looking at a CE7 device.  If yours is Windows Embedded (probably is if you are targeting Windows Mobile),  it might be slightly different,  but that app should still be there.


          OpenNETCF  is not a part of the compact framework though.  It is an add on package that many developers have used to help with these projects.  There would typically be a cab file or some dlls that get deployed to the device for OpenNETCF.  You might want to check that you are not missing some files that need to be deployed.