Issue with Android Xamarin Edit Text On Scanning - shows blank even thought data is in the field.



I have a screen which shows product information for markdown. It comes from other screen that will have scanned and show the item, but the user can scan a different item to markdown a 2nd or different item. The two screens use a common base class for scanning and processing the scanner between activities and that is working OK.


I'm having an issue such that when I scan a 2nd item, the barcode EditText field shows as blank. Yet when I manual click/touch on the edit text field for the barcode it re-appears showing the expected data. When I debug it, the text field shows the barcode number as expected even though it wasn't originally displayed. There are some other functions on the screen to set a reduced price which result in similar behavior.


I also get an extra carriage return showing up in the product name when displaying on the screen, but can't see it in the data when debugging.


I've managed after a couple of days to write some code that generates a touch event to make the barcode re-appear again. Unfortunately I can't stop the touch event from showing the soft keyboard after trying lots of different methods, however I've managed to send a delayed key press to the field which then forces it to hide again. The end result is the screen looks right in the end, but the soft keyboard is flashing on and off again. This seems to the best I can do for now after spending quite some time on it.


I was wondering if anyone out there has experienced similar problems before ?


I've tried lots of options including such as trying to make the field a single line but this is the best I can manage so far. I've searched the net and can't find anyone else who seems to have similar trouble with edit text fields showing blank. Does anyone have any further suggestions ?



Matthew Golder.

GAP Solutions.