LS2208 setting for sending numeric barcodes as numeric keypad keystrokes?

We want use LS2208 USB bar code reader on PC Linux system for numeric codes only. As main keyboard uses several different national layouts, thus mode when sending bar code as main keyboard keycodes is less than optimal. It would be much better if the barcode was sent as keycodes on the numeric keypad - as our previous bar code reader could do. How it is possible set up that on this LS2208?

What I see in manual, it seems be possible set it with Wedge Interface. But how with USB interface, which have (IMO) HID mode only?

Regarding Keypad, I see only "Emulate Keypad" setting - which produce not Numeric Keypad keycodes, but something completely different.

Isn't possible switch LS2208 to Wedge mode for it?

Or, at least, is this solvable using the ADF? If so, can anyone write how, specify the appropriate code or guide how to proceed?


Thanks in advance, Franta Hanzlik