iOs 9.0 XCode 8.3.3 MfiBtPrinterConnection.h streming bluetooth maxLength Zebra ZQ520

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I'm using the Zebra printer sdk in particular i have a Zebra ZQ520. I'm trying to send a string (in the proprietary language called "zpl") to the printer from my project in XCode (object-c).

Before this stage, i convert a * .pdf into a * .grf image I take the entire string and firing the printer. So far it has always worked, but if I take a somewhat more complex pdf, I get this error back.

ERROR - /BuildRoot/Library/Caches/[EAOutputStream write: maxLength:] - 283 failed to write because stream does not have space available

I checked that the connection I create comes from the MfiBtPrinterConnection.h class and with the instance I create I can only touch two values with these methods setTimeToWaitAfterWriteInMilliseconds and setTimeToWaitAfterReadInMilliseconds. The SDK manual tells you to try to increase the time in case of writing problems. I tried up to 30 seconds but nothing. Unfortunately I do not have access to the sources. I do not know how to fix the problem.