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    Line Mode in Zebra GX420t

    Guillermo James

      Hi. Is it possible to use the Zebra GX420t in "line mode"?. I need to create a receipt with a variable number of lines and barcodes. 


      Thanks in advance.

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          Robin West

          Hi Guillermo,

          We tend to recommend something a little different than line mode, as we don't really support it anymore on the GX printers.  Try sending each line like this:

          ^XA^MNN^LL30^A0N,25,25^FDThis is going to be^FS^XZ

          ^XA^MNN^LL30^A0N,25,25^FDa long sentence^FS^XZ

          ^XA^MNN^LL30^A0N,25,25^FDthat will print one^FS^XZ

          ^XA^MNN^LL30^A0N,25,25^FDline at a  time.^FS^XZ

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            Robin West

            You can also calculate out the length of the label.  Something like:


            function Print()


                 var len = 10;

                 var msg = "";

                 for (var i = 0; i<items.length;i++)


                      msg += "^FO10," + len + "^A0N,25,25^FD" + items[i] + "^FS";

                      len += 30;


                 msg = "^XA^LL" + len + msg + "^XZ"

                 apd.PSExternal(266, msg);


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