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    Imz320 Firmware

    Sami Karaeen

      Hi i have download the latest imz320 firmware V73.20.01Z  after this all ipads stopped printing from the app i have ios11 so the other printers have V73.19 which prints well from ios11 so from where i can get V73.19


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          Steven Si

          This is an interesting issue. Would you mind of sharing your app with us to further investigate this issue? You can put your app on Apple's Testflight and invite isv_nala_support@zebra.com as tester.

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            Steve Vento

            Bump. We're experiencing the same exact issue. I've submitted a request to technical support to get a downgraded firmware version. Once we go to v.7.20, iOS 11 devices cannot print after their first request. All subsequent requests do not work. It works again if you turn bluetooth off and back on, then you get your one working print job again. Nothing thereafter.

            This is not an issue on iOS 10 or with printers that have not upgraded firmware versions past v.7.19. Also, non-issue for Android.

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                Steven Si

                In iOS v11 and above, due to Apple’s requirement to use version 2 of the iPod Accessory Protocol (IAP) to manage Bluetooth connections, Zebra recommends that developers place a one second delay between when they close a Bluetooth connection and when they attempt to open another Bluetooth connection.


                A statement of sleep(1) before a Bluetooth session open statement will help to achieve the 1 second delay.


                If an application adopts the changes in this way, the app on iOS v11 will work well together with our printer, no matter what firmware version is on the printer. We will be updating the readme file in our SDK to share this same info soon.

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                    Brent Grandil



                    I can confirm that this seems like an issue with firmware.  We have several customers when on the V73.20 that experience the disconnect (and we have the 1 second delay).  When customers downgrade to V73.19 firmware the issue is resolved.


                    This is not only for imz, there is also same issue on ZQ printers. (v76.20 have same issue and they revert to v76.19) there is inconsistencies.



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