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    Android Data Wedge enable FNC1

    Antonio Esposito


      we are experiencing some issues in parsing Gs1 128 codes on an MC 18 Android device. The main issue is we cannot determine if the barcode is a Gs1 128 one as we don't seem to receive the FNC1 character in the scanned text. We know this is not a readable character so how could we make data wedge to substitute this function character with something we can read in our code?



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          Rajko Kijac

          The FNC1 should be replaced with a GS (Hex = 1D) character. The DataWedge Docs suggest to use Advance Settings and configure a replacement.


          Advanced Settings - Zebra Technologies TechDocs


          It suggest to have a Rule0 with the Actions:


          • Replace Text
            • Parameter1: \x1D
            • Parameter2: [your text here]
          • Send Remaining


          However, I couldn't get this to work on a TC20 and TC51 with the latest Android 7.1.2 firmware. The Codetext just don't seem to contain any non-printable characters.


          If I activate Simple Data Formatting and the Hex Mode, the 1D character is nowhere to be seen.


          Maybe we have to write an Intent-Plugin to get around this!?

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            Rajko Kijac

            I made a mistake.


            I used a GS1 Code without a variable field and only fixed fields and came to the wrong conclusion, that there must be FNC1 marker in it.

            Also check if the variable field is not at the end of the code. In that case there is also no FNC1 field inside the code (if there are no more variable fields of course).


            The above solution does indeed work as expected and might also fix your problem on the MC18.