mk500 scanner mode PRESENTATION

Hi, All!


I've question with the MK590. How change scanner  to PRESENTATION mode?  In the examples, there are only triggers mode when scanner power off after 7 second. But I see SymbolPB application change scanner in presentation mode.


//get reader params READER_PARAMS reader_params; memset(&reader_params, 0, sizeof(READER_PARAMS)); reader_params.StructInfo.dwAllocated = sizeof (READER_PARAMS); reader_params.StructInfo.dwUsed = sizeof (STRUCT_INFO); SCAN_GetReaderParams(hScanner, &reader_params); //reader_params.ReaderSpecific.imager_specific.dwAimMode = AIM_MODE_RETICLE; reader_params.ReaderSpecific.imager_specific.dwAimType = AIM_TYPE_PRESENTATION; SCAN_SetReaderParams(hScanner, &reader_params); 


It not working.

Give me please examples c/c++ of how the scanner works in presentation mode.


Thanks a lot.