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    mk500 scanner mode PRESENTATION

    Oleg Dz

      Hi, All!


      I've question with the MK590. How change scanner  to PRESENTATION mode?  In the examples, there are only triggers mode when scanner power off after 7 second. But I see SymbolPB application change scanner in presentation mode.


      //get reader params
      READER_PARAMS reader_params;
      memset(&reader_params, 0, sizeof(READER_PARAMS));
      reader_params.StructInfo.dwAllocated = sizeof (READER_PARAMS);
      reader_params.StructInfo.dwUsed = sizeof (STRUCT_INFO);
      SCAN_GetReaderParams(hScanner, &reader_params);
      //reader_params.ReaderSpecific.imager_specific.dwAimMode = AIM_MODE_RETICLE;
      reader_params.ReaderSpecific.imager_specific.dwAimType = AIM_TYPE_PRESENTATION;
      SCAN_SetReaderParams(hScanner, &reader_params);


      It not working.

      Give me please examples c/c++ of how the scanner works in presentation mode.


      Thanks a lot.