Print without ZPL?

We have a GX430t to which I would like to print over USB without using ZPL, EPL, etc.


Right now, we are using C# to print out rendered svg images (which include barcodes, text, etc.):


// userControl is a rendered svg var d = new PrintDialog         {             PrintQueue = _queue,             PrintTicket = _validatedPrintTicket         }; d.PrintVisual(userControl, "Print");


It would be really nice if we didn't have to treat the Zebra printer differently than other printers (or with some minimal changes).

Is there a way of making this method work with Zebras?


Or maybe there are other workarounds:

Could the image be written to an array and wrapped with ZPL to make it work?

Is there an easy way to convert SVG to something the printer will understand?

Are there other drivers for the Zebra that I am not seeing that would allow us to work with it in a more standard manner?


Any help or thoughts are appreciated!