Zebra ZT410

I am developing a web-application (.net, c#) that needs to print png files using Zebra ZT410 printer. I am trying to use code from zebra examples (connect to printer with TCP/IP, port 9100 and print a sample text) - Zebra Technologies - Send ZPL Commands via TCP/IP in C#

I don't get any errors, but nothing is printing. I tried port 6101 too, no luck.

Any suggestions why it is not working?


            string ZPLString =

             "^XA" +

             "^FO50,50" +

             "^A0N50,50" +

             "^FDHello, World!^FS" +






                // Open connection

                System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient client = new System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient();

                client.Connect(ipAddress, port);



                // Write ZPL String to connection

                System.IO.StreamWriter writer =

                new System.IO.StreamWriter(client.GetStream());





                // Close Connection




            catch (Exception ex)





Anonymous (not verified)
Hi Kate, this code is fine. I

Hi Kate, this code is fine. I tried it just now with good results.

Can you verify the data LED on the printer does not blink at all when you run this code?

Can you try pinging the printer?  Just to verify there are no major firewall/network issues.

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Kate Stariseva
Hi Robin. Thanks for quick

Hi Robin. Thanks for quick reply!

The light is not blinking when I run the code (I see constant Status and Network lights on).

I pinged ip and results are good.

I also installed Zebra Utilities and tried to open communication with printer. Got the message below. Can it be related to my issue with running code? Maybe it is some permission error?

The printer I am using is a network shared printer. I installed drivers and can print images using the usual windows print tools.

Anything else I can do to resolve the issue?

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