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    MC92N0 - skip first character

    David Dolezel

      Good morning,


      could you help me please how can I set up my device to skip (ignore) first character? I have following barcode: P225459, I need to scan only 225459, so without "P". I tried to find this setting in DataWedge  v3.7 but unfortunately without succes. There is only prefix, sufix...


      Is here someone who can help me?


      Thank you in advance?


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          Daniel Silva

          Advanced Configuration


          Select Profile0 or whatever profile you are using.




          Advanced Data Format

          Make sure enabled is checked, then Rules



          Add new

          Skip Ahead


          You will then see 2 rules, Send Remaining and Skip ahead.  You want the Skip Ahead to be first,  so select skip ahead

          Make sure "How Many" is set to 1, then select "Move", then "Up"

          You should now see 2 rules , Skip Ahead and Send Remaining.


          That should do it.  Keep hitting Zero until you are all the way backed out and DW saves the config.

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