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    Krzysztof Rams



      i have a new Device a MC92N0 on with i want do install a two Applications developed for an older Device model MC9XX.


      When i try to install on the new Device these Apps i see each time a dialog with information, that the Application version is not compatible with this operation system - older device was WinCe 5.0.



      I need these libraries listed below to properly run my Application:

      • NETCFv2.wce5.armv4i.cab
      • sql.wce5.armv4i.cab
      • System_SR_ENU.cab
      • symbol.all.arm - with this File is no problem

      symbol.all.arm can be installed on the WinCe 7.0 device with no problem, but the other files make that the Dialog is appearing.


      Is there a new version of these files dedicated for Windows CE 7?

      Or is there a solution for this issue?

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          Daniel Silva

          There is a VersionMax  flag in the cab files when they are built that causes that message I think.


          The CE7 devices already come with Compact Framework 3.5 and Sql server 3.5.8154.0 preinstalled.  Most CF 2.0 apps will work fine with CF 3.5.  Sql can be an issue though.  There is a pretty good chance that the symbol.all.arm file you are using might not work properly on the newer device also.  There are typically changes in the EMDK as new devices are added (for instance the scan engine in your device may not have existed when that cab file was created).  You might need to rebuild your app against a newer version of the EMDK and a newer version of SqlCe.


          Also see this post about Sql incompatibilities on CE7, in case you run into this.

          MK3100, Compact 7, and SQLCE 3.5

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              Krzysztof Rams

              Hello Daniel,



              thank you for such a quick response.

              I already changed in my project the property OSVersionMax value from  6.99 to a higher value - it works - my Application starts running without any message.


              I will try to use the built-in .NET 3.5 libraries from Windows CE 7.0.

              Previous i was using a SQLCe client library taken from .NET CF SDK 3.5, so it should be the same.

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                Krzysztof Rams

                Hello Daniel,


                I tried to make all changes from that post https://developer.zebra.com/message/14950#14950 - i still get that warning message when i am installing sql.wce5.armv4i client library.


                I install all the Application Files and Libraries through a StartupCtl Script.

                Now my Application works fine, but when i want after reboot to reinstall that SqlCE Client library through StartUpCtl script  it doesn't work anymore.

                Probably because this Warning message Window appears during installation start and It can not be continued.


                On the WinCe Device I removed from Registry key with Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition version, but it did not help.

                Is there a possibility to disable that Warning?

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                    Daniel Silva

                    The only way that I know of to disable that warning is to change the VersionMax flag within the cab file,  so I don't think you will be able to do that.  If your app seems to run OK on this device with the CE5 version,  you could use our RemCapture tool to extract what is in the cab and either build yourself a new cab or just directly copy the contents of the cab where it needs to be.  Just realize that since the cab does not install on CE7,  it is probably not officially supported on CE7.  If you have issues,  you will probably need to rebuild your app against a newer version of SqlCE.


                    The way RemCapture works is that it takes a snapshot of the device in a clean state,  then you would install the cab manually as you have been doing and take a second capture with RemCapture.  This will copy off any files that have been added to the device along with any registry entries that have changed.  It will save the files and make a .cpy file and a .reg file to go along with them so that you can copy the files from your PC to the \application folder on a new device and they will be installed where they need to be at cold boot time (See the instructions with RemCapture).

                    RemCapture Support & Downloads | Zebra