MK3100 two button press in Enterprise Browser


OK so I have written this JScript (which doesn't work), but I am trying to capture the event of 2 buttons [UpArrow] && [escape] to be able to quite the app.



var KEY_SOFT1 = EB.KeyCapture.captureKey(true, 0x28);

var KEY_SOFT2 = EB.KeyCapture.captureKey(true, 0x26);

var KEY_SOFT3 = EB.KeyCapture.captureKey(true, 0x0D);

var KEY_SOFT4 = EB.KeyCapture.captureKey(true, 0x1B);

var map = {};



function doQuit()


        'use strict';

        var genObj = new ActiveXObject("PocketBrowser.Generic");

genObj.InvokemetaFunction('application', 'quit');


function doKeys(map{}){

onkeydown = onkeyup = function(e){

    e = e || event; // to deal with IE

    map[e.keyCode] = e.type == 'keydown';

    if(map{KEY_SOFT1} && map{KEY_SOFT4}){


        map = {};






<META HTTP-Equiv="KeyCapture" Content="KeyValue:0x26,KeyValue:0x1B; Dispatch:False; KeyEvent:url('Javascript:doKeys('%s','%s')');')"/>



Any suggestions would be very helpful!