ScannerConfig.PicklistEx Software vs. Hardware

The EMDK offers to set PicklistEx Software or Hardware. How do I set this value correct if I have to support different devices (TC51, TC56 TC75x)?

- Is PicklistEx.HARDWARE "better" than PicklistEx.SOFTWARE

- Is PicklistEx.HARDWARE devicespecific?

- Is it possible to check if PicklistEx.HARDWARE is supported

- What happens if I set PicklistEx.HARDWARE on a device that does not support that (error, no picklist mode, softwaremode)?

Paul Sage
Same question

I'm having the same issue. I'm setting picklistex to Hardware and its working on TC51, TC52 and others but crashing on a customer's TC20 which I don't have access to. So I need to know if there is a way of detecting whether its supported and which one should be used. I could try catching exceptions to figure it out but that seems a bit hacky.

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