How to send configuration commands to ZD410 on macOS

I need to activate Bluetooth on ZD410 (USB) printers and I need to send the following commands:


! U1 setvar "bluetooth.enable" "on"

! U1 setvar "bluetooth.discoverable" "on"

! U1 do "device.reset" ""


I tried to use CUPS in order to change the printer driver to RAW and use the LP command under Terminal to send a text file with those commands but it did not work.


Is there a way to establish the connection using a UNIX Terminal (Telnet, ...) in order to send those commands without using a PC under Windows and the Setup app?


FYI, a Zebra partner developed a OS X app a while ago but the app crash under macOS 10.12.6.


Zebra Setup Utilities for OSX - YouTube


Thanks in advance.

Patrice Derome
So the real issue here is

So the real issue here is that the text file that contains the commands need to be converted into a dump file (.dmp) in order to be sent to the printer.

So how a text file can be converted into a dump file?

From there, the file could probably be sent to the printer using the lp command under the Terminal app on macOS.

If anyone know how to convert a text file into a .dmp file, it will be appreciated.

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