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    Print photo id and name from web application

    Uttam Chand

      I need to print photoid card with the name on it from the web application. Use case is as below -

      User will upload the photo and enters the name to be printed in the web application HTML page hosted on the remote server. Once User clicks Print button I need to print it through the local printer connected to the User computer. Is it possible to achieve this functionality? Please share how we can develop this.

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          Joshua Preston

          You can, but it's kind of ugly if you aren't familiar with Windows Services. I had to write a windows service that was installed on the client's computer. It uses SignalR technology (google SignalR) that is implemented using JavaScript and through the service via C# (or whatever your service is written in). I have no idea how you are going to send the image to the service. That would be a fun task, sending the name though should be easy. Maybe you could just save the image / name to a database and load it via the service once a action is clicked, not sure.

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            Manuel Caicedo-Rivera

            Hi Uttam,


            Unfortunately, we have not developed a WEB-API to do a direct implementation yet, but there are some workarounds which could be more difficult to implement depending on the type of the card printer.


            One of the options is downloading a small app on each client-PC that uses our JAVA Card-SDK and connect from your web-app to the client-app through JavaScript to manage the graphics & text.  We have not developed sample code for it yet.


            Another possible option is through the Zebra PC-driver that could be invoked directly from the browser, so can you send the graphics/text to the driver, and the driver takes the portion related to the printing with the local printer.


            If you are working in a particular project, also we have a custom development paid services group that develop this type of projects for customer directly. If you are interested, I can give you more information about how to contact our services team..