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    TC70 scan into Excel

    Kevin lopez

      We are testing out a new TC70 and I wanted to know how and if I am able to scan barcodes with the TC70 and transfer them to my computer into excel via Bluetooth? Thank You

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          Darryn Campbell

          There is nothing I can think of to provide an 'out of box' solution for this, I think your best bet would be to write a client-side application to capture the barcodes via the EMDK for Android then within the app send the data over Bluetooth to the connected PC using HID.  That should avoid having to write anything on the PC side.  If you are not too fussed about the communication method you might consider IP wedge (as documented here: IPWedge - Zebra Technologies TechDocs ), that uses TCP rather than Bluetooth but would avoid having to write any new code.