Human Readable is not correct.


Hello I have a partner that is trying to replicate a label that they scan. The scanner is connected to a GX series printer. I have attached the ZPL code and the picture of the labels. For some reason the data is correct but the human readable is not accurate. Any suggestions are welcomed. Here is the description of what they are trying to do.
We’re connecting newer DS8X imager to a GX series via serial.  The scanner has preamble and postamble programmed as well as the printer loaded with information
In our program, the ZPL came from nicelabel and the two fields on right in text are generated in nice label.
If you notice in the picture, the label we are scanning as the “00” at the end of the numberic, but when we scan the label and it spits out the reproduction, it sticks a “95” at the end.  Tells me we’re missing some specific code/commands for the ISBT designation.  Is there a way to enable that in the straight zpl code?