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    How can I read the serial number of a DS-457 via SSI?

    Philipp Scholz



      we use the DS-457 scanner in our electronic safety lockers. For our half-automated inspection process, it would be great if we could read the serial number of the scanner via SSI.


      The docs (DS457 FIXED MOUNT IMAGER INTEGRATION GUIDE, 72E-144361-04 Revision A March 2015, https://www.zebra.com/content/dam/zebra_new_ia/en-us/manuals/barcode-scanners/ds457-integration-guide-en-us.pdf )

      say on page 140:


           REQUEST_ID, Opcode 0xA3: Request the imager's serial number


      but in the next line, the same Opcode 0xA3 is described as:


           REQUEST_REVISION, Opcode 0xA3: Request the imager's configuration.


      If Opcode 0xA3 is requested via SSI (04 A3 04 00 FF 55), the device returns the imager's configuration, but I need the serial number.

      Seems to be an error in the docs here, so how can I get the serial number of a DS-457?




      // Philipp