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    ZEBRA ZXP1&3 series advanced future

    Andrey Stukalov

      Hi! I have the customer big exhibion center in Russia who wants to order 20-40 card printers small size like ZXP1or 3 printing on ABS preprinted cards ( cards CR80, 078 ΠΌΠΌ already tested and using Fargo C50, NISCA PR-C101 with good quality result) and following specifiaction:

      black monochrome printing - barcode + text  (min. q-ty printing per moth 44000 cards)

      USB 2.0 as defult option
      Printing speed  preferable like old good model P310F  3-4 sec printing speed per card
      Input card hopper  - 400-500

      plastic cartridge with black ribbon - 3000 to 5000 prints

      Manual feed card printing

      Main requiriment - ease to use for not advanced users


      Does it possible to near future  using my request for develop team ?