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    TC 51 and 2 Scanner profiles at the same Time.

    Christian Jung



      my Customer has the TC51 and need to scan a Ticket.

      The Problem with that Ticket is, that some Ticket has 2 Barcodes(length = 20 and length = 8) and the other Ticket has only 1 Barcode(length = 20).

      Its totally random...


      We use a normal Datawedgeprofile, with the Picklist mode "Software Picklist"

      And I wirte a scanner API class, both have the same issue.

      The Barcodes are to close to each other so that the Users have problems to scann the right one.


      The Users ask if it is possible, that we use the Right-Trigger-Button for the 2 Barcode-Ticket and the Left-Trigger-Button for the 1 Barcode-Ticket.


      But the Problem is, both Keys have the Same KeyCode = 103, and when I try to remap the Keys, both keys are remapped.


      Is it possible to split the 2 scanner buttons so that each Button has a own Datawedgeprofile, because for me, the 2 Buttons are identical to each other an I cant see any diverses.

      Or maybe is it possible, that the 2 Buttons run different events in my code ?


      Thanks for your help.


      Bye Chris

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          Darryn Campbell

          Hi, it is not possible to assign different Datawedge profiles to two different triggers.  Do you need to scan both barcodes on the second ticket?  If you only ever need to scan the length 20 barcode I suggest you specify a fixed length to scan (maxLength = minLength = 20 under decoder params).

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              Christian Jung

              Hi Darryn,


              is it possible, to remap the TriggerKeys different from each other?


              For example the right Trigger send the Key "A" and the left Trigger send the Key "B" ?


              Yes I need to scan both barcodes at the ticket and when they have the "short" barcode, they need to scan this  "short" barcode first.



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                  Darryn Campbell

                  The KeyMapping functionality is here: KeyMapping Manager - Zebra Technologies TechDocs .  Unfortunately it does not seem to be possible

                  to remap the trigger keys on the TC51 (at least in my testing, it keeps returning an error when I remap any of the triggers).  You could use the back button on the rear of the device and remap that but I do not see a way of differentiating between the triggers.



                  It just feels like there is a better solution... you already stated that PickList mode did not work but perhaps setting the aimType to Timed_release would give the users time to properly aim the imager before a scan takes place.  I also looked at the documentation for SimulScan to (optionally) scan multiple barcodes at once but the barcodes need to either be the same length or start with the same substring of character(s).