MC3200 PlatformNotSupported exception

I received device MC3200 with WEC7 from our customer to try our program on that device.

On program start I receive PlatformNotSupportedException.


From my experience with MC92N0 and little debugging this happens when device tries to connect to database that has different collation than regional setting on device.

In my case collation on database is Croatian_CI_AS in my customer case it will be Hungarian_CI_AS.

When I try to set locale in regional settings to Croatian or Hungarian it will reset on soft boot.


All this I have seen with first models of MC92N0 and I fixed it by applying patch don't remember what number was it but file I downloaded was 92N0BenUP605404.

Now I can't find same patch for MC3200 so can anyone point me to right place.


I tried to download patches from Zebra download page but couldn't do it because warranty expired and I can't change collation on database.


Thank you for your help.