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    Problems with Android li4278 Bluetooth scanner

    Facundo Maglio



      I'm trying to connect this device with a cell phone that has android.

      I have the following problems:

      1- The connection is short and it is disconnected.

      2- When you want to connect it again, it connects and disconnects instantly.

      3- I have to reset the factory scanner and configure it again so that I can reconnect it and even then the connection continues to last a short time.



      I have tried different cell phones of different brands and software versions (android).



      I verified on the internet that the version of bluetooth that handles the scanner (2.1v class) was compatible with that of the cell phones (4.1 and 4.0)



      Can you help me if this problem has already happened to you?

      or do you know that the problem may turn out to be?



      Thank you

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          Harsha Siriwardena

          Hi Facundo,


          Its good that you have raised this issue. Could you please help us with some more information to reproduce the issue from our end.

          Did you mean you were developing an app using our Scanner SDK for Android? if so could you please provide the Scanner SDK version?

          If not, is it our Scanner Control App or some other application ? If so please mention the app name and the app version.



          The device models which you have used to reproduce this issue. (Provide the Android versions of each of the device as well.)


          If you are familiar with Android logcat, please attach the Log when you experience this problem would be very useful.


          Thanks in advance for your cooperation to trigger the issue. I am sure we will able to provide you a solution pretty soon.


          Thank you,


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              Facundo Maglio


              first thank you for answering

              and sorry for the delay.


              The problem is not a particular app. Its with the android's bluetooth i think...


              I tried with android versions: 5.0.1, 5.0.0,5.0.2 on Motorola(G1,E2,G2,G3 Z PLAY)  and LG Spirit and version 7.0 on blu vivo 8 phone. The conection get lost in a few seconds after the devices are paired. Then i tried with an Asus Tablet android 5.0.2  the connection lasts 30 minutes and then it is cut, i think this happens because the bluetooth version 4 and 4.1 or 4.2 have sleep mode or battery save mode or something like that.


              My scanner its a LI4278 with bluetooth 2.1 class version, 100 meters.


              Also i tried with another phones, for example with a LG G4 with Android 6 and the conetion was good, and this phone has bluetooth 4.2


              I only read the standard codes to configure the scanner.

              "factory reset", bluetooth hide slave" and "variable pin code"


              About the app i was trying to use is one developed by  my company but the aplication work very good when the bluetooth conection works...


              i tried a lot of things. i can't arrive to a conclusion.

              its the scanner bluetooth? is the version? is the android version? i don't know yet.


              If you can help me with this or tell me some advices, i will apreciate that.

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              Harsha Siriwardena

              Bad news, LI4278 Bluetooth scanner is one of Zebra's legacy scanners and does not support Scanner SDK for Android.

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