Error printing image to card on x86 application (C#, ZXP Series 1)

Hello everyone,


I'm new on development of card printing solutions,


I'm trying to make an application that reads a bmp file and then sends it to the ZXP Series 1, using Microsoft .Net Framework along with C#, as a 32 bit application.


When I try to send the image to the printer I'm facing the following error:


"PrintGraphicsLayers Failed (65535) - Image processing error."


- The error also occurs on the demos provided by Zebra.


If I build my solution as a 64bit application (referencing the 64bit version of ZXPrinterLib, my code works fine - but building the application under 64 bits implies on a more troublesome process on making an MSI for the final application that I intend to ship (it has to do with the way Setup utility handles the 64 and 32 bits versions of InstallUtil.exe for installing Windows Services).


I believe it somehow is related to the way that ZMotifGraphics is converting the image to bytes, but I'm not 100% sure.


Thanks in advance!