DataWedge for consumer Android + Zebra scanner?

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Found a discussion from ~2 years ago that said that the DataWedge apk is not available separately, but thought I'd ask to see if anything has changed.  My company generally recommends rugged Zebra mobile computers with built-in scanners but occasionally we get clients that want to use consumer Android devices paired with a Zebra handheld scanner.  Was just curious if there was a way to get DataWedge on these devices to pass through the intent scan from the external scanner, similar to how it passes the intent on actual Zebra handhelds.



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Hi, I'm afraid there are

Hi, I'm afraid there are still no plans to release the DataWedge APK outside of Zebra devices.  I did write a blog post a while back that addresses pretty much what you are asking and describes writing a 'wedge like service' to provide DataWedge like functionality on non-Zebra devices: Writing Enterprise Android applications that capture barcode data and run on multiple devices – DARRYN CAMPBELL BLOG  .  There is also a sample project for a 'wedge like service' here: GitHub - darryncampbell/GenericScanWedge: Implements an Android service that provides a rudimentary implementation of Ze… .  which supports SPP (serial port profile) so should be able to communicate with a Zebra handheld scanner, though I do not have the hardware to test that particular setup.

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