ZPL ~DU command data parameter


I need to be able to download a ttf font to a label emulator so that the label generated will look like what i expect.

I plan to use the ~DU and ^CW command to set the font directly in the ZPL.

My problem is with the ZPL ~DU command as i do not know how to get the last parameter into a string from the ttf format!

I presume that is what the last parameter is requiring?

Note: I cannot use Ztools because I'm not send the zpl to a physical device it is actually a web service that i'm send the zpl to.

Can anyone help please?

From ZPL manual

~DU – Download Unbounded TrueType Font

Description Some international fonts, such as Asian fonts, have more than

256 printable characters. These fonts are supported as large TrueType fonts and are

downloaded to the printer with the ~DU command. Use ZTools to convert the large TrueType

fonts to a Zebra-downloadable format.

The Field Block (^FB) command cannot support the large TrueType fonts.

Format ~DUd:o.x,s,data

Parameters Details

d = font location         Accepted Values: R:, E:, B:, andA:

                                        Default: R:

o = font name             Accepted Values: 1 to 8 alphanumeric characters

                                        Default Value: if a name is not specified, UNKNOWN is used

x = extension              Format: .FNT

s= font size                 Accepted Values: the number of memory bytes required to hold the Zebra downloadable format of the font

                                        Default Value: if no data is entered, the command is ignored

data = data string       Accepted Values: a string of ASCII hexadecimal values (two hexadecimal

                                   digits/byte). The total number of two-digit values must match parameter s.

                                   Default Value: if no data is entered, the command is ignored

     Example • This is an example of how to download an unbounded true type font:


     (86753 two-digit hexadecimal values)