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    EB:MC330M - Disable Auto Zoom and On-Screen Touch Keyboard

    Charalambos Stavrou

      Hello all,


      We are going to upgrade our whole hardware infrastructure by the end of 2018-early 2019 and part of the upgrade was the purchase of several MC330M (Android 7.1.2). The plan is to make the MC330M work with our current services (using a web browser) until the whole project is finish and we transition from using the web browser to using a custom made android application.


      Using EB and the config.xml file we manage to make MC330M work with our system however more tweaks are needed.

      What we changed so far is:


          <FullScreen value="1"/>

           <PageZoom value="1.8" />

           <EnableZoom value="0"/>



           <EngineInUse value="IE"/>



              <Name value="Menu"/>

              <StartPage value="URL" name="Services"/>



              <DisableScannerDuringNavigation value="0"/>



           <ResizeOnSIP  value="0"/>




           <UserAgent value="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows CE; IEMobile 6.8)" />






      <usedwforscanning  value="1"/>


      From our testing the Engine "AndroidStock" was also working.


      The issues we have with this configuration are:

      • If we use the scanner (DW) twice in the same text box, the browser automatic zooms-in too much. If the scanning is done in a different text box, then everything is ok.
      • Also we want to disable the on-screen touch keyboard while using EB and "force" users to use the MC330M's keypad.
      • Finally, since we want to disable auto-zooming, it will be best if we can assign some of the keys in the keypad for zoom-in, zoom-out and default zoom.


      Reading through the documentations I think we should include the JS API modules.


      Can someone point us to the right direction?


      Thank you