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    EB:MC330M - Disable Auto Zoom and On-Screen Touch Keyboard

    Charalambos Stavrou

      Hello all,


      We are going to upgrade our whole hardware infrastructure by the end of 2018-early 2019 and part of the upgrade was the purchase of several MC330M (Android 7.1.2). The plan is to make the MC330M work with our current services (using a web browser) until the whole project is finish and we transition from using the web browser to using a custom made android application.


      Using EB and the config.xml file we manage to make MC330M work with our system however more tweaks are needed.

      What we changed so far is:


          <FullScreen value="1"/>

           <PageZoom value="1.8" />

           <EnableZoom value="0"/>



           <EngineInUse value="IE"/>



              <Name value="Menu"/>

              <StartPage value="URL" name="Services"/>



              <DisableScannerDuringNavigation value="0"/>



           <ResizeOnSIP  value="0"/>




           <UserAgent value="Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows CE; IEMobile 6.8)" />






      <usedwforscanning  value="1"/>


      From our testing the Engine "AndroidStock" was also working.


      The issues we have with this configuration are:

      • If we use the scanner (DW) twice in the same text box, the browser automatic zooms-in too much. If the scanning is done in a different text box, then everything is ok.
      • Also we want to disable the on-screen touch keyboard while using EB and "force" users to use the MC330M's keypad.
      • Finally, since we want to disable auto-zooming, it will be best if we can assign some of the keys in the keypad for zoom-in, zoom-out and default zoom.


      Reading through the documentations I think we should include the JS API modules.


      Can someone point us to the right direction?


      Thank you

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          Darryn Campbell




          Hope that helps, I am not on the EB team so somebody from that team may be able to offer a more authoritative answer.

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              Charalambos Stavrou

              Thank you Darryn for your response.


              We already disable EnableZoom (<EnableZoom value="0"/>) in the config.xml however after the second scanning in the same text box, it always zoom-in automatically and pops-up the touch-screen keyboard.


              We point the Enterprise Browser to our ERP (JD Edwards). In order to use the APIs (e.g. SIP) we have to modify the JDE file so it will include the corresponding js file (e.g. ebapi-modules.js)?


              The PDA has function keys (MC330M). In the config.xml documentation example (<ZoomOutKey value="0x71"/>) states that we should use hexadecimal codes to point to FUnction Keys F1 to F24. Where can find the hexadecimal codes that corresponds to those function keys?


              Again, thank you for your time!

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                  Darryn Campbell



                  That EnableZoom does not prevent the automatic zoom after scanning in the same text box for a second time sounds like it might be an issue.  pdth87?


                  You can include all required javascript files by using the InjectJSLibraries option from the configuration file so you should not have to include these separately.  You may even be able to use DOM injection (DOM Injection - Zebra Technologies TechDocs ) to avoid editing your app at all.


                  The key code may changes from device model to device model depending on the keyboard driver (I think, my information may be out of date here).  Regardless, if you use the KeyCapture API and pass in 'all', the callback you get back will contain the id of the key you pressed.  Just be aware that the callback is returning the decimal number.

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                      Charalambos Stavrou



                      I followed the KeyCapture API Tutorial however, I couldn't "grab" the trigger flag for the F-Keys.

                      The TrigCap buttons didn't work. Might was something wrong with my code. Either way, I used the Feature-Demo files and manage to extract the ID for the keys I want.

                      I also included them into the config.xml and they seem to work just fine:

                      <ZoomInKey value="0x8B"/>

                      <ZoomOutKey value="0x8C"/>

                      Now what we want to achieve is to disable automatic zoom when we scan twice on the same text box and to disable the touch screen keyboard.

                      Using <ResizeOnSIP  value="0"/> doesn't seems to work. If we use <DisableAllIME value ="1"/> the touch screen keyboard does not appear but at the same time it disables the barcode scanner as well (correctly).


                      Can we disable the touch screen keyboard when we are using EB? From the API page it says that we can use the hide method, but it will bring back the keyboard if we click in a text box.