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    Can too long text flow to the next label?

    Henrik Thordarson

      I am printing labels with data from an ERP system and in some cases, then the text will be too long to print on one label. When that happens the last line just overwrites itself with the extra text. It is not an option to limit how long text is allowed. When this happens I want the extra text to generate as many extra labels as needed. The relevant commands are the following. They allow the label to have 5 lines of text, but will only generate one label.




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          Robin West

          Hi Henrik,

          With a single ZPL format and labels, the answer is not really.  ZPL is designed as a label specific language so all data for a print job must fit on a label or be discarded.  Mostly this is because it's bad for the print-head to print on top of the gap between labels. 

          You can update your label format to take more lines.  Say you want your maximum to be 7 lines: ^FB420,7,,J   but the printer will not print any text that goes past the end of the label.

          What I think you are looking for is something more akin to page mode like you see in office printers.  This has to be done in the controlling software.  A single ZPL format is not going to handle it well.  Even in office printers, the user software handles pagination.

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